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3 Tips For A Positive Mindset

3 Tips For A Positive Mindset

You know those days when everything goes wrong. It's like this spiral that you just feel like you have no control over. And then suddenly everything sucks. Did you know that you have more control than you know?!

My goal this year is to be an optimist. I've realized I don't get anything out of looking at what isn't working or how life isn't going my way. I mean, I could just make a full-time job out of that if I really wanted to. Our brains are tricky because they go where we direct them and wherever they go, that is what grows.

When you look at the negative, that's what you get and when this is your habit, it robs from the progress you could be making by thinking the other way.

That's why I'm sharing these 3 tips with you today! They've been powerful tools in helping me stay focused on the mindset I want to create instead of just letting my mind create whatever it wants.

Start using these tools today and infusing them into everything you do so that you can start focusing on creating a positive mindset. When you decide to take the reigns and get in charge of your mindset, you're the captain of your ship. Everything changes because you're in control. And from this place, anything is possible!

Every day wake up and say, 'I only have great days.'

1. Say to yourself every day, "I Only Have Great Days."

It's a matter-of-fact statement because you decide babe. Put yourself in that driver's seat, put her drive, and decide which way you're going today and every day. When you say this to yourself every morning when you wake up, it literally sets the course of your day.

2. Choose your outfit with intention.

What we surround ourselves with matters. In fact, it makes all the difference. What you wear is what you're embodying. The days I put on my Be You Bracelet or my Power Quartz Necklace or put on my Citrine Joy Hoops, are the days I feel more connected to myself. Not only do you feel beautiful and happy with yourself that you took the time for yourself, but you also chose your intentions and have your focus set for the entire day.

3. Focus on the good.

When you focus on the good, the good gets better. The next time you notice yourself going down the rabbit hole of negativity, complaining, judging or comparing yourself, SHIFT immediately to one good thing that is happening to you today! So much of what we experience comes down to how we choose to define what happens to us. When you believe life is happening for you not to you, your mind expands and so does your heart. Try it and watch what happens.

Go get em tiger! You were born to take on the world, spread your light and be a force for good. Now you have a few more tools to do that.



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