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We shine in our own unique way

Fierce Forward is a jewelry & home decor brand located in Scottsdale, Arizona. At Fierce Forward, our mission is to be a light to our community and create inspirational pieces to connect you to your true self. We handmake crystal jewelry & home decor that's infused with good energy!


  • Integrity - We believe in doing the right thing. The backbone of our brand is heart. We show up each day with a willingness to learn, improve and create pieces that help others connect to themselves. We know that what we do is meaningful and we stand behind the quality of what we create. 
  • Positive Attitude - One of the most important parts of creating and building something meaningful is bringing the right attitude moment to moment. We know that our environment shapes us and we choose to bring the highest frequency of ourselves to our team, what we create with our hands & the world. 
  • Move Forward - We care deeply about where we're going and who we're becoming, as individuals, a company & within and for the world. We learn, we grow, we improve and we keep moving forward with heart. 
  • Growth Mindset - We stand behind the mindset that "Growth is Life." We desire to get better and become better within ourselves, our skills and what we're doing together! We value ongoing learning, education and being open to new ideas that expand our minds and hearts so we can be better in & for the world. 
  • The Details Matter - Every part, every gemstone, every piece we create has intention and attention that has been applied by our hands and hearts. We don't just create a piece, we craft it with the intention for it to be a piece of quality and integrity that our customers will wear and love for years to come. We work together to always bring quality & intention to everything we do. 
  • Hold the Vision - We know that what we're doing is leading to the greater vision to impact people positively, worldwide! We hold the vision near to our hearts and use it as our compass each and every day.
  • Always Persevere - We understand that growth isn't a linear journey. It takes courage to continue moving forward even when it gets challenging. We use the challenges to continue finding our way forward with courage, trust and Vision of what we're steering towards! We never forget our Why and we keep moving fiercely forward. 

Our Office

Fierce Forward started with just Ashley, in the upstairs guest room of her first home in Indiana. Fast forward to today and we have a beautiful making studio and headquarters in North Scottsdale, Arizona. 

Our Team 

Our team has grown from Ashley to her husband, Mark, and several amazing people who help us make the magic happen. We're working to expand our team so we can continue to build towards our vision of positively impacting more and more people with the energy and pieces that Fierce Forward creates.