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Become More Magnetic: Attract What You Want

Become More Magnetic: Attract What You Want

"Authenticity is magnetic!"

Every collection I create at Fierce Forward is inspired by something that has been and continues to be a beacon of light for me on my journey fiercely forward. 

The newest I Am Magnetic Collection of jewelry embodies standing boldly and proudly in your true essence and letting everything aligned with you find you and be drawn by you. It is a call from your highest self asking you to step forward courageously in your light. 

I started to become very interested in the Law of Attraction and manifestation early on in my journey of Fiercing Forward in 2009, when I became more conscious of the fact that I am the Creator of my Life just as you are.
All the times before this I was simply living in my conditioning like a computer program. Once you start to open your eyes and become aware of the fact that you get to choose who you are, who you want to be and the life you want to create for yourself, this is when you truly begin Fiercing Forward in your life. 
The forward momentum begins and you start moving courageously into your intended creation. It begins to make a difference in your growth journey when you become even more intentional about attracting the things you want by becoming them now. That brings us to becoming more magnetic. 
What does it mean to be magnetic
Magnetism is the physical phenomenon produced by the motion of electrical charge resulting in attractive and repulsive forces. 
To be magnetic, you both attract and detract at the same time. These are two polarities that must both co-exist to be a magnet!

Being magnetic all comes down to energy. 

I have 3 simple ways you can begin being a more magnetic version of yourself to help propel you into your intended creation, even faster.

1. Care about yourself

This one is perhaps the most important. When you care about yourself, you are devoted to your happiness, peace, health and values. You are your own advocate. You stand for your beliefs and you are your own authority. You become unstoppable. 

You can only care about others as deeply as you care about yourself. People feel when you care. Once you care for yourself daily, you can begin putting more energy into truly caring for others. Listening when they speak. Seeing them when they're in your presence. Holding space for them. This is a rare quality these days that people literally feel. They are drawn to you because you care. You care about them and you care about yourself. 

This is alluring, magnetizing and incredibly inspiring. 

2. Be Authentic

People feel when you're trying to be something you aren't. All you have to do is begin being more of yourself. This is hard for most people because it's vulnerable but this is also magnetic because it's real.

It doesn't mean put your heart on a platter in every room and serve it up to anyone who wants it. It means allowing your true colors to come through no matter what room you're in. The power of discernment will allow you to know when to share more of yourself and when not to. 

Nothing feels as good as being who you are. First, discover who you are. Know your values and what you stand for. Set boundaries for yourself. And then stand powerfully in your own being. Know you are always safe in who you are. 

quartz pendant necklace

My Power is Choice Smoky Quartz Necklace

3. Express yourself and live true to you!

In our newest Collection, I use crystals that help elevate your energy to the higher frequencies of love, courage and truth so you can literally stand in your power and vibrate at your authentic frequency of love. 

Green Titanium Aura Quartz lifts and expands your auric field while Amethyst helps you trust your inner wisdom to be in the energy of your highest self. 

Wear your Fierce Forward Jewelry and let it serve as a support along your path to being your authentic self! 

Here are some pieces I recommend for the journey of becoming more magnetic, which simply means...being who you really are and not giving a damn what anyone else thinks about it. In this way, you will both attract and detract certain people and this is exactly what you want. 

selenite earrings gold

I Am Magnetic Selenite Earrings

quartz hoops

Not Made to Fit In Quartz Hoops

When you can be ok not being for everyone and knowing you are for yourself, this is true power. This is magnetism. This makes you a serious electric field of powerful energy, lighting your way forward to the life you're creating for yourself. It both inspires and empowers others to do the same! 

Start becoming magnetic! Shop the I Am Magnetic Collection here

Fierce Forward, 


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