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How To Rise From The Ashes & Shine Your Brightest Light

How To Rise From The Ashes & Shine Your Brightest Light

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From the ashes of a life full of adversity and challenges, she rose into living a life where she can shine her light as bright as she wants without worry that others will stifle it. Trish is --as her Instagram bio states-- just a girl on her amazing fitness journey. She is also a powerhouse mother, entrepreneur, and CEO, Taurus, and a positive force to be reckoned with.

I had the opportunity to chat with Trish about how she transformed her body, mind, and life by choosing herself. In our conversation, nothing is held back. We dive deep and find answers to important questions. How do you choose yourself? How do you make a lifestyle of being the woman you've always dreamed of being? How do you shine your brightest light? And how this fierce woman is helping others do just that. I hope you enjoy Trish and her light as much as I did!

How It Started

"I've been fairly fit for most of my life," explained Trish. And like many of us can relate to, myself included, Trish said despite living a somewhat healthy lifestyle, she "let herself go" the past few years. She learned just how much after a trip to the emergency room due to falling very ill in February of 2020. Seeing the number on the scale, high blood pressure numbers, and other test results, Trish said she was "devastated" and in shock.

During those two and a half weeks of being the sickest she's ever been, Trish got to the point where she worried "what if I die?" and, as she put it, bargained with God. So when she did recover, Trish kept her promise and continued to move forward in her health.

She hired a functional doctor, was accepted into a personal training program, gathered the tools and resources needed to accomplish her goals, and started out on her health and fitness journey. The journey she says "completely changed my life". 

Text: Your Job Your Child Your Relationship Whatever it is in Your Life How Much You Show Up for it is the Most Key Thing You Can Do

The Choice

We all come to crossroads in our lives where we stand face to face with ourselves and oftentimes see that we're not living the life we really want to be living deep down. We have a choice to sweep it under the rug and keep living the same way, or we can choose ourselves and what our heart is telling us it wants.

Trish had to make that choice, and she chose herself. And because of that choice, plus her hard work and consistency, she's reaping the benefits of health, confidence, and a positive mindset. No matter if it's your job, your child, your relationship, whatever it is in your life, how much you show up for it is the most key thing you can do," said Trish.

But challenges and obstacles arise, so Trish explains that your mindset and attitude is the most important tool you have to overcome anything. She chooses every day to be positive, sees the positive, and never give up despite the hard times. And hopes to instill that in other women wanting to make a change.

This Phoenix Rising

"When you have a light inside of you, there are people who will work to do anything to snuff that light out of you, says Trish. There was a time when I kept waiting for something to change and I realized I wasn't going to wait anymore. I was going to choose me. I'm going to rise from the ashes, shine as bright as I can and the people who will come with me will be there."

Trish started out documenting her health and fitness journey on Instagram, which has grown into an opportunity for her to now inspire and help other women along the way. "My greatest joy is the ability to give hope to other women," says Trish.

She wants women to know "they are not alone, they are worthy, and that they shouldn't feel guilty about having their own dreams and aspirations." Trish uses her positivity and experiences to change more lives.

It's Never Too Late

"It takes discipline, it takes putting yourself first, and it takes having the ability to look beyond just what's in front of you and that can be done at any age," explains Trish. She believes that it's never too late to want to start over or transform your life. "If I can do it anyone can do it," she said.

First, you need to figure out what's holding you back. Trish read a book, The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks, when she first embarked on her fitness journey and says it is a must for helping you put aside your fears and go after what you want. (I've read this book and it's one of my absolute favorites. I live by it!) 

"You are what you think you are," says Trish. No truer words. She says it's so important to manifest your goals and believe for yourself what you want or who you want to become. "You don't say I wish, you say I will."

What's Next

"How good can this get? What else can I do?" Those are the questions Trish continues to ask herself after reaching a goal. And she encourages others to do the same when they are lacking motivation. How is Trish continuing on with her personal health journey and what is she doing to inspire others? Hit play on this episode to hear our full conversation!

Follow along with Trish through her Instagram This Phoenix Rising.

Get the book The Big Leap here.

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