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Young woman wearing carnelian necklace featuring 5 carnelian stones stacked vertically hanging from a delicate gold chain. She looks into the camera and touches her hand to her chest.

4 Stunning Carnelian Necklaces for Passion and Creativity

Staying intentional with your passions and creative endeavors takes intention!  One way I stay focused on staying passionate is by keeping carnelian close at hand—or in my case, close at heart!

A carnelian necklace is a gorgeous, eye-catching way to stay steadfast in your strength and reap the rewards of consistent effort. Here, we’re showcasing four of Fierce Forward’s gorgeous carnelian necklaces so you can find the one that’s right for you (or, of course, your favorite Virgo). But first, let’s explore a few of carnelian’s powerful healing properties!

Healing Properties of Carnelian

Known for its striking reddish hue, carnelian is a type of chalcedony and is highly valued by jewelers and crystal aficionados. It’s known to bring strength and vitality to the wearer, a property that can manifest in so many amazing ways. 

Boosts Confidence

Carnelian can help you feel more self-assured and confident in the face of obstacles. For me, wearing a carnelian necklace always gives me that subtle boost of confidence and helps me overcome tough periods of self-doubt. And of course, carnelian’s stunning red-orange hue makes it the kind of eye-catching accessory that you can feel great in!

Enhances Creativity

Carnelian connects to the sacral chakra, which is associated with creativity, passion, and sensuality. That makes it a great date night crystal, of course! But I also keep carnelian nearby in my studio to help me stay locked into my creative flow as I work. If you wear a carnelian necklace when you want to channel that energy, you’ll no doubt notice how naturally inspiration comes your way.

Brings Strength and Courage

Carnelian boosts courage and helps you tap into your innate strength. Its vitalizing power is perfect for helping you approach your day with power and fearlessness—you won’t be a shrinking violet with a carnelian necklace around your neck!

Promotes Abundance

Like citrine, carnelian is a good luck crystal that promotes abundance and prosperity. Wearing a carnelian necklace can bring more good fortune, whether that's in the form of financial prosperity, career success, or simply an abundance of love and joy.

Fierce Forward Carnelian Necklaces

As a jewelry designer, my goal with any given design is simple: to create pieces that help my customers feel powerful as they move through the world. To that end, carnelian is perfect. I know that with each of these pieces, you’ll tap into the fiercest version of yourself. 

1. Fire In Her Soul Carnelian Necklace

Arrowheads symbolize protection, strength, and courage, which is why I used it as the inspiration for this gorgeous carnelian pendant necklace. I created this necklace for women who want to spark passion in pursuit of their goals and ward off negative vibes. I know you’ll feel like a warrior goddess wearing this beautiful stone at your neck

Woman wearing carnelian pendant shaped like an arrowhead with gold electroplating around edges.

2. The Eternal Flame Carnelian Gold Necklace

This carnelian gemstone necklace is for those who want a bold-yet-simple piece for daily wear. It’s one of my go-to pieces for its small-but-mighty power, and looks beautiful with these gorgeous hoop earrings. I prefer wearing it as a choker, but on a longer chain, it works well for layering. 

Woman wearing carnelian necklace. The pendant is a polished carnelian stone measuring 1/8" in size on a gold chain.

3. Fire From Her Heart Carnelian Necklace

This five-stone carnelian piece is the bold sister of the eternal flame necklace. Featuring a stack of small carnelian gemstones on a simple chain, I designed this for my Virgo sisters who want to capitalize on their depth of thought through creative output. 

Woman wearing 5 carnelian stones stacked vertically on a delicate gold chain necklace. Each stone measures roughly 3-5mm in diameter.

4. Carnelian Courage Gold Necklace

Another option for the Virgos, this carnelian courage necklace features a gorgeous set of five carnelian stones situated horizontally. This piece is so simple and so beautiful—another perfect everyday piece!

Woman wearing carnelian necklace. Carnelian stones measure 3-5mm in diameter; there are 5 beads strung horizontally on a delicate gold chain.

Channel Your Inner Flame With A Carnelian Necklace

A carnelian necklace is a total showstopper, and I designed these necklaces to be worn everyday so you can experience the power of carnelian in your day-to-day life. With carnelian at your heart, you can effortlessly tap into the fiercest version of yourself yet!

Here at Fierce Forward, we’re always creating new pieces inspired by the positive energy we want to see in the world. Shop our jewelry collection today to find a piece that resonates with you!

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