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How To Be Successful Girl Boss - Follow These 4 Rules

How To Be Successful Girl Boss - Follow These 4 Rules

I think it's totally natural to want to feel like you're living a life you're proud of. That's what success is to me, creating a life where, at the end of the day when my head hits the pillow, I'm proud of myself.

While we all define success differently, I believe we all want to feel it.

But sometimes along the way, we get lost and we're just sort of surviving (I call this living in zombie mode), not knowing how to move forward. And when we're unhappy, we find ways to distract ourselves with food, booze, and anything that will take our mind off how much it sucks. So instead of moving forward, we dig our heels down deeper into the black hole we're feeling.

I think we all have these moments in our lives at one point or another. And if you're like me, the hardest part is knowing you aren't living in your true potential. But the truth is, our challenges and setbacks can be our greatest opportunities to create something new for ourselves.

Text: You Don't Get Confidence Until You Fail

In the Fierce Forward Podcast 'From Rock Bottom To Girl Boss,' me and my friend are sharing how we went from hitting the lowest of lows in our lives to using these very moments to springboard us up to success.

We're sharing how we did it and the four rules we both follow every single day to be the fiercest girl bosses we can be. And p.s. you don't have to be an entrepreneur to apply these rules to your life and be the coolest, baddest you you can be! We recorded this podcast for any woman who wants to level up, move forward and keep paving her way to a life she's proud of. Alright, let's get on with this show!

Success Doesn't Happen Overnight

Coming from lives filled with anxiety, dead-end jobs, and going through the motions, to now leading successful businesses didn't happen overnight. Kelsey and I both made the hard choice to make a change and put in the work to make it a reality.

Kelsey started her company 3 years ago, after moving to California from Wisconsin. She was introduced to a product she loved and not long after, she quit her job and started growing her own business. When it came to entrepreneurship, Kelsey said she had no idea what was coming so she had to stay open-minded.

"You have to detach from how it's gonna happen." In the beginning, rejection hurt but Kelsey learned that those things were happening because something better was coming along. "You have to keep going." 

I had to learn the same outlook with my business and brand. My journey didn't happen exactly how I planned or in the timeframe I wanted it to. But you have to trust in the timing of the journey and learn from the challenges you may encounter along the way.

"Fierce Forward happened how it was supposed to happen because I kept going and put in the work."
Go Out on the Way and the Way Will Appear

1. You have to be all in

The definition of and path to success is going to be different for everyone. Unfortunately, there is no magic formula. It comes down to finding what works for you and showing up. That being said, Kelsey and I found success in a similar way due to having similar qualities.

I'm a very committed person. When I set my mind to something I'm literally all in. On the other hand, if I'm not feeling it, I'm all out. I'm also committed to things that connect to my heart.

So when I found my passion in Fierce Forward, I went all in. And I like to say "it's not hard work it's heart work" because everything I'm doing is going toward helping others, which aligns with my heart. Kelsey explains how when she started her CBD business, it was successful on its own. "I was doing what I needed to do but I wasn't all in." It wasn't until she decided to invest in her whole self that everything changed. "I don't claim to be a better entrepreneur than anyone, I'm just really freaking resilient and I was willing to put it all on the line."

"You can't just say you want something and expect it to fall in your lap. You have to go all in."

2. Consistency Every Time

Anything you want to have or create in your life takes hard work, discipline, and consistency. Kelsey and I both showed up EVERY DAY to get to where we are now and continue to do so. Whatever you put out there, that's what you get back. Your action goes in the direction your heart is facing.

Kelsey says consistency is so important in every area of her life, not just in business. "I've seen the results of what being consistent can do and so now I know what it takes to be successful." She says she used to be the person who would do a little here and there waiting for something to fall in my lap. But now that she's seen the power of consistency, she continues to show up not because she has to but because she wants to.

3. Schedule It. Schedule It. Schedule it.

"I don't do anything in a day I don't want to do." Kelsey explains how in college she struggled with an eating disorder, which led her to develop a poor relationship with food and exercise. So she promised herself she would never force herself to do something she didn't want to do again. "I trained my brain to do things that fill me up and excite me."
"My schedule comes down to what makes me happy."

She likes to wake up early in order to get a lot of work done and exercise. Then she breaks down the rest of her day by each business leaving extra time to put out fires. And she's good at having a hard stop in the evenings. "Part of being an entrepreneur was having more time and I'm very efficient with my time." 

Similar to Kelsey, I've learned that I have to be in control of my time and energy. I personally like to time block around my energy, so I put the most important tasks first that I know will take more of my energy. It's important to know yourself, listen to your body and give yourself grace when creating your schedule.

4. Create Confidence, Not Comparison

We all fall victim to comparing ourselves to others. In order to get better at not doing that, we first have to let go of the idea of perfection. Kelsey said the biggest mistake she made when starting her first business was convincing herself she wasn't good enough and didn't know enough. "I wanted things to be perfect until I realized they didn't have to be."

Text: I Wanted Things to be Perfect Until I Realized They Don't Have to be

Comparison is not something that just goes away, Kelsey explains, but she says she got to the point in which the level she does is drastically less. "It all comes down to how much I have grown to be confident and love myself. I don't believe in competition anymore, I believe there's a way we can all help each other." 

I like to take my moments of comparison and turn them into moments for growth and say "what is this reflecting back to me that makes me upset?" I always find a way to ground myself in remembering what I have, how much I've accomplished, and what I'm doing to help others.

I hope this post inspires you to take the challenges you're up against and use them to rise, grow and keep moving forward to what you really want. Always believe that what you want is possible, because you are limitless babe! Hit play on this episode to hear our full conversation! Follow me & Kelsey on Instagram and comment below which rule you most love!

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