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How to Cleanse Crystals: 4 Ways to Purify and Restore Your Crystals

How to Cleanse Crystals: 4 Ways to Purify and Restore Your Crystals

I’ve been using crystals for several years now, and I’m still in awe of their healing and spiritual properties. Like many, I first started collecting crystals for their beauty—but not only do they look gorgeous when worn on your body or placed throughout your home, crystals are a powerful tool for self-healing, meditation, and spiritual growth. 

However, like any tool, you need to care for your crystals to ensure their effectiveness in the long-run. That’s why for thousands of years, healers have practiced crystal cleansing. Crystal cleansing offers a way to restore and purify your crystals. So whether you wear  amethyst earrings or keep a geode in your home, here are a few of the most effective methods for cleansing crystals. 

crystal geode rings fierce forward with hands on top of large gemstone

Why Cleanse Crystals?

Crystals harbor powerful energy and are capable of transferring energy between you and your environment. Over time, however, they may slowly lose their power or pick up unwanted energy. By cleansing a crystal, you can rid it of these energetic impurities and restore it to its original power. Read on to learn more about crystal cleansing.

Cleansing with Light

One of the simplest ways to cleanse crystals is with light. You can place them in direct sun or moonlight to allow them to recharge. Whether you use solar or lunar energy depends on what kind of crystal you’re cleansing: high energy vitality crystals such as citrine require sunlight, while calming tranquility crystals like amethyst benefit from moonlight. Light cleansing is great because it’s easy—I often take off my bracelets while I’m working and let them recharge on the windowsill. 

selenite and aquamarine bracelet

Cleansing with Sound

A sound bath is another effective way to cleanse crystals. Sonic vibrations naturally resonate with crystals, helping to recharge and realign their energy. You may use frequency music, Tibetan singing bowls, chanting, or a tuning fork to encompass the crystal in a tone. It shouldn’t take longer than about ten minutes. I find sound cleansing to be very meditative—not only does it recharge the stones, it also resets my space and clears the air.  

Cleansing with Water

For hard crystals such as quartz, you can use water to cleanse and restore your crystals. Simply let them soak overnight in a bowl of water obtained from a natural source, such as the ocean, spring, or river. Out here in the desert, we don’t have too many natural water sources, however—so I actually use rainwater for water cleansing! I love this method because it also helps remove dust and debris from the stone. 

burning palo santo

Cleansing with Sage or Palo Santo

Smudging your crystals with sage is another effective way to cleanse your crystals. Sage has uniquely powerful purifying properties that can help clear unwanted energy from your stone. To sage cleanse a crystal, simply place it on a fireproof surface, light a bundle of sage, and gently wave the sage around the stone for a minute or so, allowing the smoke to envelop the stone. When I finish sage cleansing, I usually walk around my home and smudge each room while I’m at it. Is there anything better than the smell of sage?

palo santo sticks with selenite wand

Final Thoughts

Cleansing your crystals regularly is not only necessary to maintain their healing properties, it offers a unique chance to appreciate their unique power and beauty. So whichever method you use, be sure to offer gratitude to your beautiful crystals as you cleanse them. 

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