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3 Ways To Create Inner Peace With Blue Angel Aura Quartz

3 Ways To Create Inner Peace With Blue Angel Aura Quartz

"Peace does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart." 



Have you been feeling called to more peace lately? 

I think we could all use more peace in our lives. 

Nothing is more safe than peace. When you start building peace within yourself, you grow a muscle you can use as a tool anytime a difficult experience comes your way.

blue angel aura quartz necklace and earrings with tan hat

In my own life, it's my daily rituals that bring me back to myself every time. This is how I find my peace.  

"What you're looking for is not out there. It is in you." 

I surround myself with experiences and things that focus on my intention to relax and be in the moment. 

I believe in wearing your Fierce Forward jewelry that helps you stay intentional about how you're growing in your life. 

If your focus is peace like mine is, wearing Blue Angel Aura Quartz is like bringing the ocean and the sky right to your eye! It truly is beautiful.

By wearing it, you surround yourself with the intention to remind you on a moment to moment basis to create peace within yourself. 

This beautiful, peaceful crystal brings the energies of harmony, truthful communication, and genuine self-expression. 

When you wear our Dreamer Blue Angel Aura Necklace, it's like wearing the Angel of Peace over your heart. 

blue angel aura quartz necklace being worn

When you feel chaotic or in the center of a storm, place your hand over your Dreamer Necklace and take a breath to be in the moment. Bring yourself back to your center and know you are safe in this moment. 

Here are 3 ways wearing Blue Angel Aura Quartz jewelry can help you be at peace.

3 Ways Blue Angel Aura Promotes Peace 

1. Worn as earrings, it can help you clearly communicate your truth. 

Blue Angel Aura Quartz is a stone of peace, truth & self-expression. It encourages you to speak your truth lovingly. So often we can hold back our truth to "keep the peace" when all this does is create an internal war within ourselves. Far from peace. 

Speaking clearly and honestly about who you are, how you feel and what your boundaries are will bring internal peace. Put your Dreamer Blue Angel Aura Quartz Hoops on and express yourself in the way that's true to you.

2. Worn as a necklace, you can carry the loving intention of inner peace over and near your heart. 

Wearing your Dreamer Blue Angel Aura Quartz Necklace each day is like being a beacon of light for yourself, calling in the angelic energy of peace and light. 

When you put it on each morning, look yourself in the mirror and repeat this affirmation to yourself: I create my peace. My heart is calm.

3. Place your hand over this crystal during meditation or to take a breath and bring yourself back to the present moment. 

Just like the quote says in the beginning of this entry, peace does not mean there is no effort, challenge or trouble you face. It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart.

This is done through loving practice with yourself in these moments of anxiety, stress or worry. Put your hand over your Dreamer Necklace, take a deep breath and come back to yourself.

When you come back to yourself, you come back to your peace. You create calm in your heart and you can handle anything. 

We just launched our Dreamer Collection with several Blue Angel Aura Quartz jewels along with other beautiful pieces to support you on your journey. Enjoy browsing our complete Dreamer Collection here. Love Blue Angel Aura Quartz?! Shop all of our gorgeous blue Aura crystal jewelry here.

I hope you feel more supported on your journey and can take one thing with you from this entry. You can dive deeper into the Fierce Forward movement by listening to the Fierce Forward Podcast here or shopping the crystal jewelry that is meant for your journey! 

Love & light, 


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