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How To Use Chakra Healing Crystals: A Complete Guide!

How To Use Chakra Healing Crystals: A Complete Guide!

Can you use chakra healing crystals to boost your mood, become aligned with your highest self and live in harmony? 

One thousand percent yes.

Whether you're new to Chakras and healing crystals or you're a novice, I'm going to shed light on how you can use Chakra healing crystals to help you align with what you want to create in your life! 
"You are the creator of all that occurs in all of your life experiences. You create your physical life experience through your thoughts. Literally, every thought that you think gives birth to a creation." ~Abraham Hicks

Thoughts Become Things

The Chakras are the energy system in your body that connects to and governs a specific part of your being. 

The 7 Chakras in your body are associated with one or more of your bodily systems such as your heart, your stomach, etc. 

These energy systems can become blocked when trauma or difficult experiences happen to us that we haven't yet dealt with. 

Ultimately the way you process your experiences (your thoughts about them) create your emotions around them (your feelings) which create either open or blocked chakras. 

Did you know that almost 95% of our actions come from programming? Ie: what we've learned in our upbringing and are not conscious of as we are thinking and acting it out on a day to day basis. 

This is when I really started seeing how powerful crystals, chakras and intentionality are in healing so we can live our lives from a place of personal power instead of unconscious autopilot. 

The Power of Healing Crystals

Crystals are living things that have been around much longer than us humans have. They are energy like all living things. Each stone has a unique energy that has the power to infuse you with the energy it holds.

When I found my first crystal, it was while adventuring the Pacific Northwest. I was at an antique shop and there in the case she stood. A foot tall and wide Amethyst geode that I was drawn to. 

I asked to see it and as I ran my hands across its jagged edges I felt something. It was a pull I can't really describe except to say I had to know more and I felt comfortable, curious and somehow safe around this beautiful piece of nature. 

Even though it cost $175 plus $40 to ship it across 7 states, I knew it was mine. 

I realize now that Amethyst always draws me in and that there's a bond between us. You'll know your crystals by the way it feels. They speak to you if you get quiet and listen.

Crystals aren't just beautiful pieces of rock, they hold powerful energies that transmute to you when worn, looked to, held during meditation, carried in your purse, placed in your favorite money tree or are hung in the corner of your favorite room.

When used correctly, crystals have the power to influence your thoughts to ones of intentionality and positivity.

Ways to use crystals 

WEAR THEM. One of the easiest ways to connect with the power of healing crystals is to wear them

Whether you want to use Rose Quartz to remind you to have grace and compassion for yourself while on a Self Love Journey or you want to use Fluorite to support you on your current growth journey or you want to wear Citrine to focus on more positivity and joy...

wearing gemstone jewelry is a powerful way to unblock and align your chakras.

You can wear crystal intention bracelets on your wrists as daily reminders of what you're working to embody, let go or become!

CRYSTAL TIP: Stack them up and wear them on your left wrist to bring in the energy you want to embody. Wear crystal healing bracelets on your right wrist for want you want to give to the world. (watch vid below)

Need guidance on what bracelets are perfect for you, email me at or hit the chat icon in the bottom left of your screen! We're here to help.

Watch to learn which wrist to wear your Chakra Healing Bracelets on!

HANG THEM IN YOUR HOME. What you surround yourself with MATTERS. People, experiences, what you say yes to, the thoughts you think, how you take care of yourself, the way you decorate your all has an energy and brings life or depletes energy from you. 

The cool thing is, you get to choose what and who you surround yourself with!

And if you're someone who doesn't feel they have that ability right now, keep doing this work of learning more about yourself and crystal healing and watch when one day you gloriously realize you've always had the power.

I created our Crystal Chakra Hangers for this reason. 

It's always been so important to me to have beautiful things like crystals, vision boards, journals, candles and decorations around me that uplift me and make me feel safe and at home. 

The Chakra Hangers I make for you are completely customizable where you can choose your crystals for what the energy you want to bring into your space, home and Life!

We even have Citrine, Amethyst, Quartz & Pearl Crystal Suncatchers to hang near a window and bring in all the good energy.

MEDITATE WITH THEM. Another great way to using healing crystals is to meditate with them. You can take loose pocket crystals, large decor ones or even your Fierce Forward crystal jewelry and place it over your heart, your third eye or any of your chakra centers to focus in on that chakra. 

Ultimately, it's about taking one small step in the direction of living with intentionality. Crystals are not woo woo when you believe in the powers of their healing energy. They're only woo woo if you think they don't offer anything. 

And I don't know about you, but how can something that speaks so much beauty and positivity not have something to draw upon? 

My last tip for you is to choose a crystal that feels really good for you. If you need any crystal guidance just hit the chat box or email me at (I'm the Founder of Fierce Forward), I love to help connect you to the crystals that will be most meaningful for you on your journey.

Finally, believe in your journey and use these Chakra Healing Crystals to assist you in aligning your thoughts, feelings and actions in the direction of who you want to become and what you want to create in your life next. 

Fierce Forward!



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