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How To Set Powerful Intentions in 3 Steps

How To Set Powerful Intentions in 3 Steps

"When your intention is clear, so is the way."
~Alan Cohen

When you set intention, you choose to live from your heart instead of habit. You free yourself to live your dreams instead of following what everyone else is doing. You choose to be the creator of your life. 

Never forget this: This one life is yours and yours alone. You are the Creator of your World. Dream, believe and Fierce Forward for you.

Getting intentional in your life is an act of self love. It's a choice to start looking forward and building what you want deep down. When you choose to live from a space of intentionality, you live from what you really want vs. letting life run you. You carry out your truest desires and purpose for your life.

You're connected to what you want, who you want to be and you take action to move that way. You choose to stop living on autopilot and live on purpose!

You're aligned.

1. Reflect

Before you can look forward with clarity, it's important to see both where you came from and where you are.


Learning comes from reflecting. Reflecting on what worked and what didn't work. Reflecting on what lit you up and what didn't. Reflecting on what felt really awesome and what felt off. Reflecting on how you feel NOW. There is a concept that says, 'The power of knowing what you want, comes from knowing what you don't want.' I like to think of the reflection step as shaking the snow globe up so you can see the whole picture. It's not an easy step to reflect back and tune into the feelings that didn't feel good but it's a necessary step. So take a deep breath and stay with it. We have to grow through the mud to become the lotus.

When you reflect, you can see how you've changed. You can see what you've learned, what you want to release into your past, and what you want to carry forward with you. You clear space and walk forward with a new inner wisdom, ready to get clear on what you want next for yourself.


2. Get Crystal Clear

This step is about getting really clear on what you do want.

This step is about dreaming and really tuning into your highest frequency, imagining your future self and connecting with who you really are and what you really want next in your life.

Know that whatever you want, it's valid. You have to believe big and know that anything is possible when you believe in it.

Take some time with yourself. Journal, write out what you want next and claim it by speaking it out loud to yourself. This is the time to do some soul searching. Take your time with this step and listen to your heart.

Ask yourself: what do I really want?

Once you know, you'll feel it. 

3. Align & Receive It Now

"It doesn't take time, it just takes alignment." 

~Abraham Hicks


Once you know what you want next, it's time to ask yourself this question: who do I have to be to have that? 

The truth is, once you align your frequency with what you want, you realize that you already are the thing you want. Because you wouldn't want it unless you already had a frequency with it. So now it just becomes about stepping into that frequency now. Allowing yourself to receive it now. 

For example, if you want to be the healthiest version of yourself and you can see what that looks like, it's time to feel what that feels like. Who do you have to be to have that feeling that you already are your healthiest version? What actions change? Does the food you eat start to change? Does your self talk change? What does that change look like? Feel like? Think down the line and work backwards to stepping into that vision now. 

You may not have the physical manifestation of your full vision, but what you do have is the alignment. You can align with her now. You can begin by doing one thing today that your healthiest self you can imagine would do and do it today, then tomorrow and continue on. 

Two years ago my husband and I moved cross country to Arizona where we knew no one. One of our biggest intentions was to "meet more people," which is why we chose to live on the most social floor of the apartment complex, the pool level. That year, we met people alright and I learned a valuable lesson about setting intention. You have to be crystal clear on what you really want otherwise you may get a different version. That year, we had more friends than we ever had before. But the catch was, they weren't the friends I really wanted to have in my life. The people we met partied all night, kept it surface level and called us soul friends when I knew we had different ideas of what friends meant. I didn't feel connected or that we really knew each other and that's what I left out in my future vision.

A side note from me: Be crystal clear on what you want and then when you think you've nailed it, double check the details. Make sure it feels really really good before you start aligning yourself with it. Once it feels really really good, that's when you know you're aligned!

And above all, please never forget that THIS IS YOUR LIFE.

Whatever it is you want, you can have it. And actually, what we want is who we already are, we just haven't aligned ourselves fully with it yet. Once you begin aligning your thoughts, feelings and actions you'll be on your way to creating it! 

And my final thought to you is that the path to creating your life doesn't have to feel hard, in fact, it should feel joyful, exciting, fun and full of ease. That's how you know you're in vibration with the frequency that's aligned with what you want.

"The closer you are to alignment with what you want, the calmer if feels." 

~Abraham Hicks



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