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How To Organize Your Day For Success

How To Organize Your Day For Success

Press play to listen to the full episode on the Fierce Forward Podcast

Do you ever feel like your life is running you and you just wake up every day spinning your wheels, not really sure you're going anywhere?

Chances are if you've been feeling off track, lost, or out of alignment, it's probably a simpler solution than you might think.

This is what happened to me and Mark, my husband and business partner. We were out of alignment, having arguments and I just felt so unhappy, like life was running me. Not the other way around.

We got honest with ourselves, came together, and realized it was all about how we were structuring our day and being intentional about what we spent our time on.

We created a schedule that has completely turned our lives around. It's been these 3 things we're sharing with you in this episode that we did to help us thrive as individuals and a team!

Living with intention is the best. Period.

Here are the 3 steps to Organize Your Day For Success

Woman with a book on her face

1. Be honest with yourself

It's important to acknowledge where you're at this very moment. It's only from this place of honesty that you'll be able to move forward in truth.

Whether you're doing this for yourself or with a partner, take time with yourself or your partner and be real about what is and isn't working for you in what you're giving your time and energy to each day.

Some questions to ask: How does what you're doing each day make you feel? Do you feel like you're moving forward to your dreams and goals or do you feel like you're spinning your wheels, taking one step forward and three back?

The more you get real with yourself about how you're really feeling, the closer you'll be to doing something about it.

Once you decide how you're feeling and see why that might be, it's time to refocus on your Why and get clear on your goals. Write them down and decide what your goal is for the next quarter or month. Once you can see the mountain in front of you, you can create the path by creating a new daily schedule.

2. Create a schedule that will move you toward your goals

Next it's important to create a daily schedule to keep you aligned on the path of moving in the right direction. The reason you felt out of alignment wasn't that you weren't doing things or accomplishing tasks, it's because you weren't doing the right tasks to move you in the right direction. This is key.

"You'll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret to your success is found in what you do daily." ~John Maxwell

Mark loves using Excel spreadsheets for his schedule while I love using Trello.

You might love a good paper-to-pen calendar. I love an old-school way of doing things, but for me, my schedule is always shifting and changing so I've found digital to be best for this.

Next lay out Monday through Sunday and organize your day around the things that will move you towards your goals. Scheduling my day hour by hour was key for me to cut out distractions like browsing Instagram when I wasn't sure what to do. Creating a play-by-play of your whole day, from the moment you wake up to the hour before you go to bed ensures you're in charge of your day.

Note: keep some space in your day for free time or to allow things to be able to move around if needed. It's important to stay firm on your schedule but also allow some breathing room to stay flexible.

You might wonder if this will really work, scheduling your entire day every day. Let me just tell you that if you currently don't feel like you have quality time with your kids or with yourself, creating a schedule that sets you up for success means you creating a pocket of time each day for that part of you! My morning looks like this:


6-7am wakeup & journal

7-8am create Reels for next week

Do you notice how I put my first hour of the day as me-time? That's because when I didn't have this schedule for myself, I'd never make time for me.

When you create your schedule, make sure you create it for who you want to be in all areas of your life! Business/work, relationships, spiritual, etc.

Lastly, once you have your whole week laid out, follow it and reflect at the end of the week what worked and what didn't. Be open to making adjustments. For me, I noticed after my first week that I put alot of uncreative things in my morning which is my most creative time! So I moved those things to later in the day when I start losing my highest energy. My most important tasks - like creating, writing, podcasting, etc - that need my best energy are laid out in my morning whereas answering messages, creating chakra hangers and ordering inventory are later in my afternoon because they take less of my energy since they're more straight-forward tasks.

You get to create your day. Fill it with things that take care of you, your goals & what's important to you

Relaxing with tea

3. Commit to the plan

Consistency, discipline, and commitment to your daily schedule are the most important factors to keep you moving in the right direction.

Be open to adjusting your schedule as just like you, life is always changing. With this understanding, you can have a flexible schedule instead of a fixed one.

Stay the course and reflect at the end of each day and week on how you feel.

If you're feeling more peace, happiness and freedom in your life, you know you're on the right path.

We all want to feel clarity, alignment, happiness, peace and freedom! And sometimes we think we have to move mountains to get it. But the truth tends to be a lot simpler than we think.

If you feel like the day is running you, take your power back and start running your day.

I'm so excited for you to implement this new way of showing up each day. I'd love to hear from you, what was your biggest takeaway? Will you be organizing your day for success and realigning yourself with your dreams and goals?

If you have any questions comment below, I'm an open book!

Organizing your days around what works for you gives you the freedom to do other things so it doesn't feel like your day is running you.

Press play to listen to the full episode on the Fierce Forward Podcast

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