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Jewelry that is gold fill or sterling silver is the most durable and long lasting. Just like plated jewelry it is still best to store them in a dry area away from sprays, oil and other elements. Avoid exposing plated jewelry to water, perspiration, sprays, oils, lotions, and tanning products. These are known to tarnish jewelry faster. Each one of us is unique and your personal body chemistry + PH levels can affect how quickly plated jewelry will wear or tarnish.

Clean your gold filled jewelry with warm water and pat dry with a soft cloth, never rub. Polish your sterling jewelry with a jewelry cloth when needed.

Most of our chains are delicate and beautiful but care must be taken to not stretch, yank or pull on them. We recommend never sleeping in any jewelry as it can snag and cause damage. Our beaded bracelets are made with high quality stretch cord but care must be taken to not over stretch or snag them as they are not impervious to breaking.