Highest Self Five Chakra Gemstone Hanging

$ 187.00

Magic. Magic. Magic. Seriously, this is the home decor you've been searching for forever and you have finally found it. It's special, one of a kind and customizable to fit the intentions you want this hanger to embody. Handwrapped with 5 raw crystals, this is the perfect feng shui piece to hang in your Zen Den, kitchen, living room or office to spread all the good vibes.

  • 5 raw gemstone hand-wrapped in copper set in 4" metal rings
  • Choose your gemstones from the listing picture and the list below
  • Chakra hanging length is 1 foot 9 inches not including cord
  • Choose from black, white or brown leather cord or black vegan cord
  • Handmade in Arizona, ships in 5 business days

AMETHYST ~ Encourages you to be your highest self & have courage. Crown chakra to connect to the divine
AMBER ~ Can absorb bad moods and heavy vibes & helps clean out negative energy. Sacral Chakra
AMAZONITE ~ Known as the stone of courage. It works to create a sense of calm & trust. Heart Chakra
APATITE ~ Said to enhance motivation & help with goal setting and releasing self limiting blocks
ARAGONITE ~ Offers grounding and rootedness in who you are. Root Chakra to connect to Earth
BLUE KYANITE~ High vibrational stone that connects to the throat chakra. Our throat chakra is where our truth comes from and when we are able to communicate this truth and feel heard, we are on the path to achieving our fullest potential.
BLUE CALCITE ~ Calming communication crystal to open flow of throat. Throat Chakra
FUCHSITE~ Encourages self reflection & is a stone of rejuvenation and renewal
GREEN FLUORITE ~ Growth stone to be clear and open. Heart chakra for love and healing
HONEY CALCITE ~ Honey Calcite is a powerful energy cleanser & helps amplify the energies of other stones placed in its vicinity. Solar plexus chakra
LEPIDOLITE ~ Commonly referred to as the stone of transition. It is said to assist in the releasing of stagnant negative energies and behaviors that are no longer serving you while encouraging change-inducing practices.
ROSE QUARTZ ~ Self love & compassion. Heart chakra open and abundant
ORANGE CALCITE ~ Promotes confidence, creativity & positive energy! Sacral chakra
ONYX ~ Encourages self-realization & strengthens self confidence. Root chakra
PINK TOURMALINE ~ Said to aid the healing of stress, trauma & anxiety. Heart & crown chakras
PYRITE ~ Supports your inner warrior, helping you have confidence. All chakras
QUARTZ ~ Called the master healer. It is believed that whatever we associate it with, the stone will intensify its positive energy.
TOURMALINE ~ Protective, grounding stone. Root chakra to connect to the Earth

All stones one of a kind and will vary in size, shape & color. 
Not eligible for exchanges, returns or discounts. 

Chakra & gemstone hangings ship 5 business days from date ordered. 

We want you to love your piece but know that sometimes it is not the right fit. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can send it back to us in it's original packaging for a refund or exchange within 30 days of purchase. To start a return or exchange, please email customercare@fierceforward.com. Please note we will only accepts returns & exchanges on unworn, new condition items. 

Custom or pesonalized pieces, custom mala necklaces, suncatchers, chakra hangings & closeout items are not eligible for return or exchange. 

 Click here to view full return, exchange & FAQ's

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