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3 Crystals For Self Love & Confidence

3 Crystals For Self Love & Confidence

crystals for self love confidence

If you've ever felt disconnected from yourself or a little lost, self love is the way forward! I've also felt lost from time to time, unsure of where I fit or what's next for me. 

Through realizing the power of self love, and the enhancing nature of crystals, I came through the questioning and am now thriving, a large part of which is caused by my daily self love and empowerment practices. Crystals have been a big part of that and I want to share it with you so it can help you too!

Crystals and Self Love 

I’ve found crystals help my self love routine and confidence in the following ways: 

  • Connection. Crystals help us connect with your inner selves and to know who we really are: body and soul, strengths and weaknesses. They also help us connect us to nature, helping us to realize we are all connected through our common origins. Crystals are energy, just like us!
  • Humanity. Through my routine of growing in self love, crystals have helped me recognize my humanity. I am only here on this earth for a short time, and eventually I will rejoin the earth. In the time I am here, I deserve to love myself. 
  • Possibility. Crystals resonate not only with who you are, but with who you can be. They help you realize the range of possibilities of who you could become, and confidently choose what’s best for you. They help you act with purpose and intention. 
  • Enhancement. The metaphysical properties of crystals don’t need to add anything to who you are, but rather they enhance the strengths you already have, bringing them out into the world from deep inside with confidence. 
  • Beauty. Crystals are naturally beautiful, and they enhance your personal beauty, increasing your self love. They are natural and part of us and give me confidence to overcome beauty standards and see the beauty I define for myself.  

crystals for self love and confidence

Start your own self love ritual practice and use the healing power of crystals to help you connect to your inner wisdom. If you're not sure where to start, these are my top three choices of the best crystals for self love and confidence. 

1. Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz resonates with an energy of compassion, healing, and peace. It awakens your heart to its own innate value, granting a feeling of fulfillment and self realization, and opening your heart to giving and receiving love. I make sure to wear my rose quartz earrings as much as possible to keep my heart open to love. You can find this stone in our I Love Me Rose Quartz Bracelet. 

2. Opal

Opal is all about healing and growth. It emits an aura of healing and can help ease the longing of loneliness or missing someone. It's also great for helping concentrate during meditative processes, essential in your self love journey. When I meditate or need to concentrate on something important, I make sure to have opal by my side. This stone is part of several of our favorite pieces of jewelry, including the Spirit & Soul Opal Gunmetal Silver Earrings. 

3. Moonstone

This crystal amplifies your emotions, leading to a greater sense of introspection, judgment, and decision making, and imbuing you with confidence and self-assuredness. It’s a great crystal for those wanting the assuredness needed to achieve their dreams. I wear my moonstone bracelet whenever I have an important decision to make. This stone, perfect for self love and confidence, can be found in our I Follow My Heart Pink Moonstone Bracelet.  


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