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5 Powerful Affirmations for Anxiety: A Step-by-Step Guide to Instant Relief

5 Powerful Affirmations for Anxiety: A Step-by-Step Guide to Instant Relief

anxiety affirmations

When I was younger, I used to really struggle with anxiety attacks: sweaty palms, racing heart, all of it. My anxious thoughts were controlling me, making it impossible to focus on my work during the day or fall asleep at night. Thankfully I discovered the power of positive affirmations for managing my anxiety.

You can find tons of these lists online, but I’ve found that I only really need a handful. And rather than repeating the same one over and over, I move through this series of five positive affirmations for anxiety. So next time you feel those racing thoughts creeping in, try moving through this “flow” of positive affirmations for instant anxiety relief.

1. I will now release the tension from my body.

Anxiety may stem from the chaos in your head, but it manifests as tension in your body. You’ve probably noticed your jaw clenching or your shoulders tensing; when my anxiety level is high, I catch myself grinding my teeth—not ideal! So the first thing you can do when you notice you’re feeling anxious is to release that tension. Repeat this positive affirmation as you slowly relax your muscles. If you have a healing crystal close at hand, use it to draw the anxiety from your body.

2. My breath connects me to the quiet of my mind. 

This positive affirmation will help you remember the importance of simply breathing. As you repeat it, breathe deeply and hold your breath for a moment before releasing. Bringing oxygen to each cell in your body is a powerful antidote to anxiety; you’ll instantly feel more at peace after just a few deep breaths. Some healing stones, like amethyst and moonstone, are excellent tools for connecting with your breath.

affirmations for anxietyPin this list of Affirmations to use when you need it

3. This anxiety is only temporary.

Once you’ve released the anxiety from your body, start pushing it out of your head by repeating this positive affirmation. As you do so, picture your mind as a pond and your anxiety as ripples on its surface. This affirmation has been incredibly powerful for me—simply remembering that anxiety will pass instantly brings me a sense of peace and helps put my problems into perspective. 

4. My mind is my sanctuary from the outside world.

It can be tempting to distract yourself from anxiety. Personally, I catch myself reaching for my phone when I’m anxious. Unfortunately, that’s often counterproductive—it’s much healthier to perceive your mind as a sanctuary to which you can retreat. Recite this positive affirmation to empower a mindset shift: your mind is not the source of your anxiety but rather a safe place. By understanding your head as a source of wisdom and strength, you’ll feel much more at peace.

5. I possess the tools to overcome life’s challenges.

Lastly, the most important affirmation of all: you have everything you need to manage life’s ups and downs. It can take a lot of repetition to truly believe, but I’ve found this to be a remarkably powerful positive affirmation—especially if your anxiety stems from a lack of confidence about how to navigate a situation. Think of it this way: you’ve weathered every storm so far—why would this be any different? 

Final Thoughts

With just these five positive affirmations, you’ll feel your anxiety melt away, allowing you to shift into problem-solving mode. And while you may not be able to control the situation, you can control your mindset. Remember—with a clear head and a good heart, you can manage anything life throws your way. 

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