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February Tools For Self Love

February Tools For Self Love

self love wallpaper vision board graphic

"Your biggest commitment must always be to yourself." ~Bridgett Devoue

Each month Fierce Forward brings you tools to empower you to connect with yourself, find the light and keep stepping forward for you! 

Since 2013 when I started Fierce Forward on facebook, I have always shared about the power of words and vision boards and surrounding yourself with the things that move you forward and support your best self. So often, without even being aware of it, we hold onto things that hurt us, live from a place of lack by focusing on what isn't working and replay stories in our head that were placed there from a past experience. 

It's important to reflect on the past so we can learn from our experiences but when you find yourself stuck and living your life centered around these ways of thinking, it does one thing only: keeps you stuck. 

My vote is to aim towards the light and move forward! I will always embody that message here at Fierce Forward. After all, that's what the mantra is truly about: choosing you face your demons with a fierce, warrior spirit and take one step forward in courage over the line that separates who you have been from who you were born to be.

So what will keep you reminded of this invitation to step forward fiercely onto your truest path? 

One word. 

Tools.  self love wallpaperHere are the tools me and our Fierce Forward Tribe uses on a daily basis to continue moving forward.

Vision Boards

February's Self Love Wallpaper is here. Download the jpg format here for: Computer Desktop Screensavor or Facebook Cover Photo | iPhone Wallpaper 

and print the pdf to print and hang on your office wall here in: Vertical Vision Board or Horizontal Vision Board

Vision Board Artwork created by Ashley Johns

Intention Bracelets

Our Self Love Bracelets are the perfect reminder to wear daily and remember that you are in charge of how you feel. Love yourself fiercely and take care of you and your needs.

self love crystal intention yoga bracelets rose quartz selenite

Surround Yourself With Women Moving Forward!

It's so important not just what you surround yourself with, but who. Join the Fierce Forward Tribe for empowered women. Come say hello, share what you're working on growing in your life and connect with other like-minded big hearted women just like you.



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