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6 Everyday Habits of Successful Women

6 Everyday Habits of Successful Women

6 habits of successful women reading book

“You don’t rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems.”

This is a quote from the book Atomic Habits by James Clear—and if you haven’t read it yet, I can’t recommend it enough. It’s all about how everyday habits are critical to a person’s success. As women, we’re tasked with balancing the demands of our families, relationships, careers, and households—not to mention ourselves. To do this, we need systems. 

Successful women know this—that positive habits are non-negotiable. After all, success doesn’t happen overnight; it’s all about the cumulative effect of our good habits. So I’ve laid out five of the everyday habits I’ve used to grow into my best self. With these habits, you’ll set yourself up for new heights of success in every area of your life. 

1. Move Your Body

Never underestimate the power of moving your body. Successful women find a way to incorporate joyful movement into each day, whether it’s a morning yoga routine or a walk around the neighborhood. Exercise helps keep your mind and body in balance, helping you feel more at peace and able to take on whatever life throws your way. 

I’ve found it helpful to change up my exercise routine depending on my mood rather than committing to a particular weekly or monthly workout routine. Some days, I feel like sweating it out in the gym, but other days, I can only muster the energy for a walk around my neighborhood. But no matter what, I always find a way to move my  body… and I always feel better for it!

2. Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness is another signature habit of successful women. You can kickstart your mindfulness habit with a few minutes of meditation each morning, but ultimately the goal is to carry those thought patterns with you throughout your day. 

Successful women practice mindfulness in each area of life, whether it’s managing anxiety in difficult moments or making conscious choices about health and well-being. Sometimes I catch myself “on autopilot” and have to take a few breaths and reflect upon what, if anything, I can do in this moment to be my best self. 

3. Express Gratitude

You have a lot to be grateful for. Whether it’s a supportive partner, your health, or even just a beautiful Spring day, expressing gratitude is a trademark of successful women. While keeping a gratitude journal is a fantastic habit, expressing gratitude can take many forms—from telling a loved one you’re grateful for them to incorporating gratitude into your daily meditation. 

I use my selenite bracelet almost like a rosary to count the things in my life for which I’m grateful. I’ve started calling it my “gratitude bracelet” because it’s been such a simple and positive change in my life! 

4. Keep a Journal

A journal is one of the most powerful tools in a successful woman’s life. But if you thought journaling was about writing out all of your thoughts and feelings, think again—you can use your journal however you want. It can keep you accountable to yourself, help you stay organized, and generally help you move your thoughts out of your head and onto the page.

I keep my journal by my side for jotting down to-do lists, grocery lists, and reminders as well as keeping up with my habit tracker. While I have quite a few pages dedicated to gratitude lists and stream-of-consciousness journaling, I try not to pigeonhole myself into any particular journaling method. I just use my notebook however I need in the moment, and it’s crazy how transformative it’s been.

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5. Read 10 Pages of a Growth Book Every Day 

Reading is a powerful way to keep your brain engaged with learning. A great trick that's worked wonders for me over the years is to read 10 pages before bed each night. At the end of 30 days you finish a book and you're onto the next. It also is proven to make you tired and the information you read goes into your subconscious for dream processing. In other words, reading at night before bed is extremely effective for retaining information. 

Successful women know the importance of looking at different perspectives and continuing to expand one's mind!

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6. Honor Your Beauty

Successful women know that feeling great on the outside can help you feel great on the inside. But that doesn’t mean you need to put on a full face of makeup and give yourself a blowout each day; honoring your beauty could be as simple as putting on a cute outfit or doing a face mask. 

During the pandemic, working from home made it easy for me to get into the habit of living in yoga pants all day, but I quickly learned that it took a toll on my productivity. So now, I always get up and get ready for the day with a skincare routine, a cute outfit, and a pair of earrings. It’s amazing how much of a difference it makes to feel put-together.

Ready to Crush Your Goals?

Incorporating positive habits into your life isn’t just about achieving success—it’s about tapping into your innate power as a woman. These five habits can change your approach to each day, helping you conquer your to-do list and your bucket list. So don’t worry if you’re not yet where you want to be in life. Ask yourself what you can do today—and every day—to manifest the woman you want to become. 

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