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Introducing The Silver Summer Collection

Introducing The Silver Summer Collection

Since the beginning of the year, I've been dreaming up this collection. I'm so excited to finally be able to share the Silver Summer Collection with you! We've got hand chains, bold fringe hoops, butterflies, a crystal ring that's going to help you vibe high and even two new Agate Crystal Hangers to bring peace into your home. 

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butterfly prism suncatcher

The inspiration came to me when I continued to get feedback from you that you want more silver jewelry options. I heard you loud and clear with this collection of 22 pieces that are mostly all silver.

The energy of this collection is angelic and inspirational with a little splash of fireworks. 

agate sterling silver fringe hoop earrings fierce forward

boho fringe earrings

Here are just a few of the jewels that you can now shop and rock from the Silver Summer Collection. 

bohemian crystal healing jewelry fierce forward

turquoise sterling silver geometric earrings

boho jewelry fierce forward

green crystal agate necklace

evil eye mother of pearl hand chain sterling silver

aquamarine star silver boho earrings

agate crystal home decor hanger fierce forward

geometric quartz earringsShop the Silver Summer Collection

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