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Clear Your Aura: 3 Steps To Create An Energy Cleansing Ritual

Clear Your Aura: 3 Steps To Create An Energy Cleansing Ritual

"The lighter you are, the higher you elevate. Stay light in mind, body & spirit. Keep letting go of anything that holds you back from being in your highest vibration." 

If you're reading this, I'm guessing your empathic nature led you here. You're a sensitive spirit with a big heart, doing big things in this world! As an empath, one of the most important things you can do for yourself is protect your energy. You have to. 

You're living this human experience where one of your gifts - being empathic and being able to read other people's energies like it's nobody's biz - is also a double edged sword that, as much light as it brings you to have this gift, it also presents dark spots like absorbing negative energy. 

We need tools to release that kind of energy so we can be living in our most optimal vibration as possible!

how to use palo santo

You're looking for ways to elevate higher by protecting your peace and clearing energy that doesn't help you achieve that vision.

You have come to the right place my empathic, highly attuned friend. First off, it might be helpful to know that I also have this gift which led me to seeking ways of both working with the light and the dark in ways that support me on my journey. 

I too found myself being like a sponge and taking on the energies of the world which, while sometimes beautiful and good, also can be very dark and draining to my own soul. There comes a need for discernment.

Everything is Energy

For me, I found the acceptance of my gifts and of the dualities of the world (light and dark, negative and positive) to be my first step.

I knew I would need to protect my peace, clear energy that isn't mine to carry and all in the spirit of supporting my highest self so I can go out there, share my gifts with the world and be an uplifting force for good.

This led me to creating a daily ritual of energy clearing! When you think of yourself and everything as energy - because that's what it is - you can better understand the reasons some things leave you with incredibly uplifting, positive energy and other things don't.

It's all energy. 

And there's a duality of energy that we come into contact with anytime we come in contact with another person, when we touch and experience an object and when we do certain things. Everything has an energy and at the end of the day, we need to come back to ourselves and clear to renew.

lighting palo santo

Why Cleanse Your Aura?

When you wake up each day, if you had a great night's sleep, you're a full cup. As you move throughout your day, you slowly start pouring your energy into others things. By the end of the day, your energy (aka: aura) most likely is either tapped out or drained into a zone of below 0. 

What we want to do is create a healthy energy management system around yourself each day!

Think of your energy field as an aura around you. It extends 15" out from you and holds a unique vibration with different colors that are unique to you and your spirit. Over time or over the course of a day even, your aura can change colors and shape based off how well you're able to protect your aura from negative energies and how well you can use positive energies to enhance your colors and shapes!

You just can't afford to let negative energy suck your beautiful rainbow of an aura.

Creating a cleansing ritual will bring you back to yourself at the end of every day, cleansing away the dark energies that might be left within your auric field. An easy way to tell if a negative energy is stuck on you is if you're thinking and talking about it and living about it. That's a good way to know that you're being effected negatively by other energies that are not yours to carry and we must let the cleansing begin.

Just as you brush your teeth at night to clean them from a day of eating, you should be clearing your aura from the day's energy you picked up along the way. 

Here are 3 ways to create a cleansing ritual that will wash away any residue from the day so you can have a peaceful nights sleep after drawing all your energy back to you.

crystal bracelets girl wearing crystal statement rings

Step 1: Use the power of crystals & jewelry

Cleansing your energy can be done as you move throughout your day. Whether it's having crystals at your desk like Quartz, Selenite or Citrine to clear negative energy, having this intention around you and stones to support that intention can help!

Another way to protect yourself and create a "cleansing aura" is through wearing crystal jewelry. To keep your energy high and also highly protective, we want to develop a strong aura where negative energy bounces back and returns to sender instead of being absorbed. Wear Quartz, Selenite & Citrine jewelry to help build up a strong aura so when you come home at the end of the day you don't have the energy of the day built up inside yourself.

girl holding palo santo smoking crystal jewelry on

Step 2: Use Palo Santo

Palo Santo is a beautiful tool for cleansing that comes from the Palo Santo Tree in Central and South America. 

At the end of each day - or any part of your day you need it - light your Fierce Forward Palo Santo stick and as it smokes, use it as a wand to intentionally clear negative energy. Move it around your body and hold the vision of your energy clearing.

statement rings and big crystal

Step 3: Breathe & visualize with crystals

One of my favorite ways that offers a powerful energetic reset in any moment is Meditation. Meditating can be 5 minutes of breathing and being present with yourself

The next time you feel your energy shift in the day, go somewhere private, set a timer for 5 minutes and focus on your breathing. Breathe in for a count of 3, hold it for 3, exhale for 3 and hold at bottom of breath for 3. Focusing on counting your breathing can help your mind from wandering to other things. 

You can also hold a Quartz and Amethyst crystals in your left and right hands. As you breathe, imagine positive, light-filled energy coming through your left hand and moving up your left arm to your whole body and then out through your right arm and then exiting your body through your right hand. 

This is a way you can focus energy to recirculate throughout your body. 


Taking care to protect your peace and happiness is a daily intention of showing up and clearing the energy that isn't yours! In doing this, you choose to regenerate positive energy that supports you on your path. This gives you more time, more energy and more bandwidth to be able to work towards your vision and goals and make a positive impact on the world!

At Fierce Forward, we create meaningful jewelry to connect you to you. Shop all our crystal jewelry and start living with intention and moving forward for you!



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