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Woman in the desert wearing moonstone earrings and a moonstone bracelet.

5 Reasons to Love Moonstone Jewelry

When I started learning jewelry design, I knew very little about gemstones and crystals. But as I started collecting different stones for my own personal healing journey and to use in my designs, I noticed that there were a few stones that I was “playing favorites” with—incorporating them into almost every new piece of jewelry. One of those was moonstone. It’s no wonder why; moonstone jewelry is beautiful, feminine, and adds just the right amount of visual intrigue. But that’s not all it has to offer. Let’s dive into all the reasons Fierce Forward is so enamored with moonstone jewelry!

1. Moonstone's Stunning Opalescence 

I began creating moonstone jewelry for the simple fact that I love the way it looks. Moonstone has a gorgeous, shimmering, opalescent appearance that is truly mesmerizing. Moonstone commonly has a violet-blue milky luster that seems to almost glow, but other forms, such as peach and rainbow moonstone, hold a lighter, more pearlescent sheen. This effect is called adularescence and comes from the way the light interacts with moonstone’s minerals. It’s just exquisite.

Peach and rainbow moonstone bracelet showing moonstone's adalurescence.

2. Moonstone Holds Potent Healing Properties

It doesn’t just look gorgeous—moonstone has powerful physical and emotional healing properties. Its synchronicity with femininity is thought to help regulate the menstrual cycle and alleviate menstrual cramps, as well as aid in fertility and childbirth. Emotionally, moonstone jewelry brings calmness, soothes anxiety and stress, and encourages balance and harmony. A moonstone bracelet, for example, is a great choice if you’re seeking jewelry that holds the power to heal your head and heart.

3. Moonstone Emits a Calming Aura

Moonstone's calming aura makes it one of my personal favorites for recalibrating and centering myself during stressful or turbulent times. Its soothing energy helps alleviate stress and anxiety and hone your intuition. My Manifest Moon Charm Necklace helps me feel secure in my life’s abundance, and I’ve found it to be a gentle yet powerful piece for navigating life's challenges with greater clarity and ease.

Gold moonstone choker necklace with small moon charms and a rectangular moonstone pendant.

4. Moonstone Jewelry Connects You With the Divine Feminine

I’ve come to truly appreciate the feminine energy of moonstone. This stone has a gentle power to it that anchors you to the strength of womanhood and helps you find balance between all that it means to be a woman—intuition, ferocity, love and self-love. This force is what inspired my Divine Feminine Peach Moonstone Choker, which has become one of my most popular pieces to date. 

Choker necklace with peach moonstone beads, a moonstone gemstone, and a large mother of pearl horn pendant.

5. Moonstone Jewelry Offers Powerful Travel Protection

Put simply, moonstone jewelry is a great passenger. I wear my moonstone ring everywhere—especially when I know I’ll be flying or driving long distances. It helps me feel safe and seems to ward off the kinds of hiccups and inconveniences that can make traveling a pain. Moonstone's energy is like a faithful companion that offers comfort and support—the perfect gemstone to take with you on any adventure!Adjustable moonstone ring has a silver half moon on one side and a small, circular moonstone on the other

Experience the Power of Moonstone Jewelry for Yourself!

Moonstone jewelry is so much more than just a beautiful accessory. It connects you with your feminine spirit, helps you stay grounded in your intuition, and keeps you safe as you move through the world. See for yourself what moonstone has to offer by shopping Fierce Forward’s Moonstone Collection today!

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