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3 Affirmations To Love The Journey You're On

3 Affirmations To Love The Journey You're On

Affirmations are a powerful energy that can come into your life and spread like wildfire if you use them!

I lean on affirmations. Just today I was at the gym repeating this to myself, "I love the journey I'm on! I love the journey I'm on!" And you know how it made me feel? Like I really love the journey I'm on.

The reason I love positive affirmations so much is that most times we're using negative affirmations to affirm to ourselves that we're not enough, we aren't far enough along or never will be. We all have our own little recipe of favorites we use over and over again. 

With affirmations, we can literally REWRITE your affirmations from negative ones to ones that support your growth & future self. Let's be honest, who doesn't want that. If you're like me, you've spent a whole lot of your life questioning the path you're on and maybe even feeling like you aren't worthy of your dreams & goals. 

woman standing in the mountains

But there comes a time when we have to step out of our old identity and finally choose our new one. The one that helps us Fierce Forward through our fears, doubts and insecurities. 

These three affirmations have an energy that pack a powerful punch. 

When you say to yourself, "My peace is my priority," you better be sure that that's going to start having an impact once you start believing it. And the truth is, anything we tell ourselves over and over again becomes what we believe. 

So let's choose to believe what supports our personal thriving. We can start with affirmations. 

Say these to yourself this week. Notice how they make you feel. Whether one, two or all of them work for you, allow them to be new tools for you to use to anchor yourself in your present journey and who you're becoming!

As you say your affirmation to yourself, really feel the energy of how the affirmation feels for you.  


affirmation quote fierce forward

1. I am obsessed with my well-being

Maybe you've put others first your whole life and are ready to start taking care of you and your needs. Or maybe you haven't been connected to your body for most of your life and you really want to start taking better care of you and connecting with your body. 

This affirmation is for anyone on a journey of well-being. Use it when you're sipping your green smoothie or when you're saying no to something that doesn't feel aligned for you anymore. 

Use it as a tool to keep you centered on your path of well-being.

2. My peace is my priority.

This one is for the girl who has had a tendency to give her power away to other people. Your peace is your power. Once you learn to choose yourself, you start protecting your peace and your happiness by no longer allowing what isn't healthy for you to enter your world. You learn to say no, set boundaries and focus more on your needs and your peace. 

You become your priority.

It's easy to fall back into old ways once you start getting push back from the people who don't like that they no longer are getting what they used to get from you. This is the moment along with the ones when you set boundaries and choose yourself that you repeat this affirmation to yourself. Let it keep you fiercely focused on what's best for you. The woman you're becoming protects her peace because she knows if she doesn't it costs too much. 

3. I love the journey I'm on!

Another great affirmation that has a positive energy to bring any low back up to a higher vibrational energy! And sometimes we really need that. Ok, most times how we feel really matters. So choose to love the journey you're on. Choose to let go of thinking you should be somewhere different or that it's too late. You know all those untruths we make up to keep us playing small. 

Get into the energy of enthusiasm and Fierce Forward on your truest path. This path is yours and it's unlike anyone elses. You are worthy. It can be easy. It can be fun! This affirmation is a permission slip to yourself to dive into that vibration of loving the path you're on. 

Gratitude is your greatest weapon. 


I hope these help you on your journey. Affirmations have made a huge impact - and continue to do so - on my journey as I travel forward, loving the path I'm on and falling even deeper in love with the woman I am and who I'm becoming. 

I hope that for you too. 

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