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Woman performing abundance meditation on deck at sunrise in Bali.

Cultivate Abundance: A Step-by-Step Guide to Abundance Meditation

If you’re anything like me, you’ve struggled with feeling like there isn’t enough—not enough time, not enough money, not enough opportunity. But I quickly learned that these feelings of scarcity are toxic. Because when it comes to building an abundant life, your mindset is non-negotiable—and abundance meditation might be just what you need to reframe your perspective.

As I began practicing abundance meditation, I slowly began shifting into an abundance mindset. It was so simple yet so powerful—I’d spend ten minutes every day visualizing my dream life, surrounded by abundance and prosperity. And believe it or not, things started to change. I began noticing opportunities all around me. I started finding the time to pursue my goals and improve my habits. Suddenly, I was noticing all of the ways I could improve as a wife, business owner, and person. And in recognizing the moments of opportunity around me, I was able to act. And in turn, my business started taking off. All it took was a mindset shift.

Now, abundance meditation is a non-negotiable part of my daily routine, and I can truly say that it has helped me create a life of abundance and prosperity beyond my wildest dreams. Here’s a step-by-step guide to abundance meditation—with regular practice and a positive mentality, you can manifest the life you’ve been dreaming of!

1. Sit comfortably in a quiet space.

Find a quiet, comfortable space where you can spend a moment uninterrupted. Sit comfortably with your back straight and your hands resting on your lap. You may choose to light candles, incense, or a smudge stick. It may also be helpful to use a prosperity crystal such as citrine in your practice.

girl with crystals meditating

2. Bring awareness to your breath.

Close your eyes and focus on your breath. You may feel it in the rise and fall of your chest or at the tip of your nose when you inhale and exhale. Simply bring awareness to this sensation. If you find your mind wandering later in your practice, you can recenter by finding your breath. 

3. Take a moment of gratitude.

Before you begin visualizations, take a moment to feel gratitude for what you already have—your loved ones, your home, and yourself. Gratitude is not only an essential part of abundance meditation, it’s an important aspect of mental health and wellbeing.

4. Visualize an abundant future.

What does abundance look like for you? Think about what you want to achieve—whether it's a successful career, loving relationships, a beautiful home, or a beautiful vacation. 

5. Imagine the fulfillment of your dreams and desires.

Picture the manifestation of your desires. Imagine receiving a job offer, meeting your future life partner, or moving into your dream home. Whatever you envision for your future, picture yourself accepting your blessings with gratitude and joy.

smudge stick with affirmation

6. Recite a positive affirmation.

Lastly, finish your meditation by reciting a positive affirmation. The goal is to remind yourself that you possess everything necessary to fulfill your ambitions and realize your dreams. Even an affirmation as simple as “I am safe” or "I am enough" can help you change your inner narrative for good. 

Final Thoughts

Abundance meditation can be incredibly powerful in helping you cultivate gratitude, positivity, and abundance. By incorporating this daily meditation practice into your self-care routine, you can stay focused, keep yourself in a growth mindset, and tap into the wellspring of possibility that lies within you! 

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