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Woman wearing turquoise and amethyst drop earrings earrings

5 Gorgeous Crystal Earrings for Everyday Healing

When I created Fierce Forward more than a decade ago, my mission was simple: to create jewelry that can help people express their truest self to the world and move forward in their life! Crystal earrings are one of my favorite pieces of jewelry I create for their beauty, simplicity, and power as a form of self-expression. 

Each of Fierce Forward’s handmade crystal earrings are created with gorgeous stones that hold immense healing power. Some are statement pieces while others are subtle and perfect for everyday wear. Here are five of my favorite crystal earrings to promote everyday healing.

1. Amethyst Hoop Earrings for Courage

Amethyst has strong calming properties, but it’s also associated with courage and intuition. I love the balance of these amethyst earringsthe raw amethyst stone with the quartz spear at the bottom. These are simply gorgeous and make a perfect statement piece. Amethyst has a way of helping us tap into the courage needed to become our highest selves, and I know you’ll feel that when you put these on.

girl in hat with amethyst and quartz earrings on

2. Aquamarine Earrings for Spiritual Insight

Aquamarine has powerful healing properties that can help you tap into your innermost truth. A throat chakra stone, it can also help you articulate those spiritual insights. These stunning aquamarine threader earrings are one of my favorite earrings I’ve made and one of our best sellers. They’re so delicate and feminine and look great with any outfit. 

Two small aquamarine crystals on a silver threader-style earring

3. Citrine Earrings for Positivity

Citrine is a popular choice for channeling joy and positivity. This gorgeous yellow-hued crystal helps attract abundance and prosperity, and also holds the power to boost self-confidence, creativity, and motivation. I created these citrine gold hoop earrings with the sun’s radiance as my inspiration. These gold hoops will make you feel just as radiant!

Woman smiling wearing gold hoop earrings with a citrine crystal dangling inside.

4. Moonstone Earrings for Divine Femininity

Moonstone is one of my all-time favorite crystals for its fierce femininity. It helps us hone our divine intuition and keep our spirit and emotions in balance. These moonstone threader earrings are simple, chic, and feminine—perfect for everyday wear. Moonstone is exceptionally beautiful when worn on the ear because you can really see its shimmery adularescence in the light.

gold hoop earrings with moonstone crystal

5. Quartz Earrings for Manifestation

Quartz is a powerful crystal for manifestation and can help amplify your energy and intentions. It can help focus your thoughts so you can see your life’s goals and ambitions more clearly. These quartz earrings are among my most unique pieces, and I absolutely love them as a statement piece. The clear polished quartz almost sparklesit's absolutely gorgeous!

Woman wearing small clear quartz crystal on a triangular silver post-back style earring.

Experience the Power of Crystal Earrings

Learning about the power of healing crystals has been one of the most interesting aspects of jewelry making, and I’m always amazed at the immense power these stones can have—even when worn in small everyday pieces like earrings. Wearing crystal earrings is a simple way to feel beautiful, fierce, and unique, and I know you’ll love the way you feel in one of my handmade pieces. Shop Fierce Forward's earring collection today!

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