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Woman holding amethyst mental health crystal in hand

3 Powerful Crystals to Transform Your Mental Health

When you think about mental health, do you ever wonder what exactly that means? Mental health is your emotional, psychological and social well-being.

How is your mental health right now? I like to checkin with myself throughout the day to see how I'm feeling and then make adjustments if neccesary.

Maintaining your mental health is all about the little things—the rituals you incorporate into your day to stay balanced. Moments of mindfulness, daily affirmations, morning meditation. For me, crystals have been a huge part of my mental health rituals! Wearing the crystal jewelry that helps to promote peace, that helps remind me that I am enough and the pieces that uplift my mood are what I wear most when I'm really needing a boost to my mental health!

Since May is Mental Health Awareness Month, I want to share with you a few of the best crystals for promoting really great mental health. Keeping these three stones close at hand—whether on your body or in your environment—is a simple and effective way to stay in a good headspace!

Heal Your Heart With Rose Quartz 

Because of its close connection to your heart chakra, rose quartz is one of the most powerful crystals for promoting self-love and emotional healing. It can soothe emotional wounds, calm your nerves, and help forgiveness and compassion surface. For this reason, rose quartz is a fantastic stone to incorporate into your life as you work towards improving your mental health. 

I love our rose quartz car charms for long meditative drives in the desert. It emits such a calming healing energy, and the sunlight seems to amp up its power and keep it cleansed. I also keep a rose quartz hanger in my kitchen, which is where I do some of my best thinking—there’s something so therapeutic about cooking! These are great pieces to keep in spaces where you mull over matters of the heart and mind. Rose quartz is just such a perfect stone for processing emotions and deepening intuition.

Rose quartz crystal car charm hanging from the rearview mirror on a therapeutic mental health drive in the desert.

Connect To Your Inner Wisdom With Amethyst

Amethyst is another great mental health crystal, as it helps you connect with your higher consciousness and listen to the wisdom that lives within you. In the past, lapses in my mental health have often been rooted in a disconnect between what I know to be in my best interests and what I have the emotional capacity for in the moment. I think we can all relate to the feeling of knowing that something would be good for us and not being able to muster the energy or courage to do it! And that is exactly why I keep amethyst scattered around my home and wear it almost every day—amethyst is perfect for helping you overcome that disconnect.

I created this amethyst bracelet for this very reason—so you can wear amethyst and practice trusting yourself each day. If you prefer to wear amethyst at your heart chakra, my courage amethyst necklace is a simple and absolutely gorgeous everyday piece. Wearing amethyst is such a powerful way to stay a little more aligned with your goals—and that is so crucial for staying in a good headspace.

Amethyst bracelet worn around a woman's wrist to promote good mental health.

Spark Positivity With Citrine

Staying positive is a lot easier said than done. But holding negative energy is so detrimental to your mental health—if you’ve ever been in therapy, you might have used cognitive reframing to help you learn how to harbor more positive thoughts. I’ve definitely been on this journey myself, and I’ve found citrine to be such a fantastic crystal for helping me adopt a “glass half full” mindset.

My citrine pieces are all about staying positive and finding joy in the little things. I love wearing citrine on my wrist to help me stay in the daylight, and this citrine suncatcher has brought so much joy into my home. You’ll love the good energy you feel with citrine!

Citrine crystal suncatcher shown to depict positive mental health through bringing joy to your home.

Make Positive Change Today

These mental health crystals are gorgeous additions to your home, car, or jewelry collection, and I know you’ll feel more empowered on your mental health journey as you incorporate them into your daily rituals.

Here at Fierce Forward, we’re all about becoming the best version of yourself. If you’re ready to make real change in your life and live true to yourself, download my 5 Step Guide to Becoming Your Truest Self today!

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