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5 Beautiful Crystals For Your Self Love Journey

5 Beautiful Crystals For Your Self Love Journey

Self-love is a lifelong journey of personal growth and reflection—and just like love for others, loving yourself takes work and investment. Since starting Fierce Forward almost a decade ago, I’ve learned a lot about how to invest in myself, and one of the most powerful ways to connect with my capacity for self-love has been through crystals. 

Today, we’re diving into the best crystals for self-love—from those that carry you forward in confidence to those that help calm your inner voice, and everything in between. How you use self-love crystals is up to you. You can use them in your meditation practice, hang them in your home, or wear them on your body. No matter how you incorporate these gorgeous stones into your life, you’re sure to notice a little more bounce in your step as you seize your day.

quote crystals living with intention

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is a beautiful pink crystal that has powerful love and emotional healing properties. It has the ability to purify and open the heart chakra and can offer a profound sense of inner peace. In addition to self-love and compassion, rose quartz can strengthen your capacity for empathy towards others. I created these Baddie rose quartz hoops with the intention of offering women a self-love boost as they move through the world. I love the soft pink of rose quartzbut more than anything, I love how bold I feel wearing these.

Woman smiling while wearing rose quartz crystal earrings for self-love

Pink Opal

Pink opal has such an incredible ability to calm the mind through the heart chakra. It strengthens your connection to yourself and brings you fortitude as you work towards your goals. Pink opal’s gentle and nurturing energy soothes emotional wounds and helps you release negative thoughts and break out of unhelpful behavior patterns. For this reason, I incorporated pink opal into the I Love Me bracelet and the Self Love Journey stack. These bracelets are so simple and stunning—pink opal has such a lovely “glow” that I find immensely reassuring. If you’re looking for a casual, understated piece to keep you dialed into yourself and your goals, you’ll love these pieces.

Three pink opal and rose quartz bracelets worn on a woman's wrist


In addition to its powerful stress-relief properties, amethyst offers a way to help cultivate a greater sense of awareness and understanding of yourself. I always keep amethyst nearby because I find it incredibly powerful for honing my intuition, finding courage, and balancing my moods and emotions. I’ll often wear one of these simple amethyst bracelets with the pink opal bracelets above; not only do they make for a powerful self-love combo, the pink and purple tones look absolutely gorgeous together!

Amethyst crystal courage bracelet on proud fist worn alongside a turquoise bracelet


I’ve sung the praises of moonstone before, and as both a jewelry artist and believer in self-love, it's one of my all-time favorite stones. Moonstone is an absolutely beautiful gemstone that offers a powerful connection to the divine feminine. It brings emotional healing and balance while offering self-acceptance and self-awarenessperfect for keeping you attuned to your heart chakra as you navigate your self-love journey. I created these Divine Within earrings with the goal of helping the wearer connect with her inner goddess, and I know you’ll feel that when you wear them! 

Woman wearing gold hoop earrings adorned with moonstone crystals for self love

Clear Quartz

Since self-awareness is critical to self-love, clear quartz is one of my favorite self-love crystals—it has an incredible ability to facilitate clarity of thought. Clear quartz can help clear your mind of negative self-talk, cleanse your spirit of self-doubt, and help you cultivate a positive self-image. I love this Own Your Power quartz necklace not only for its powerful healing abilities, but because it makes for such a simple and striking everyday piece. 

Woman wearing clear quartz crystal pendant for self love

Cultivate Self-Love with Fierce Forward Crystal Jewelry

I’ve personally experienced the power of self-love crystals on my own journey, and my intention as I create each piece you see on Fierce Forward is to offer my customers the same sense of calm self-assuredness I’ve been able to cultivate through crystals. When you wear one of my pieces, you’re wearing a stone I chose by hand within a design I created from my heart. I welcome you to browse the Fierce Forward collection today to find a piece that resonates with you!

Want to start making real change in your life? Want to start living true to yourself? Download my 5-Step Guide to Becoming Your Truest Self now!

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  • Heidi Gilles

    Great blog.. always learning. Crystals have so many meanings.. but I know it’s also so much about connection. My daughter loves moonstone too!

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