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Four women standing in desert smiling to show self-empowerment through community

3 Unbeatable Ways to Achieve Self-Empowerment

Self-empowerment can be elusive; you may have everything you’ve dreamt of—a happy family, a successful career, or a life rich in experience—but still feel unfulfilled. Self-empowerment doesn't always come from success. It often arrives quietly alongside other aspects of success as we invest in ourselves and others.

Today, we're diving into a few of the less-talked about and super powerful facets of self-empowerment! One of my favorites topics.

With these tips, you can tap into the best version of yourself and feel at home in your innate power!

1. Recognize and Invest in your Strengths

Woman sitting at counter reading a book to learn self-empowerment

I grew up a little unsure of myself. If you know what that feels like, you know that even if you got plenty of validation from your friends and family, you still didn't feel like you fully understood the true power of your strengths. And sometimes, you may not even have realized what strengths you possess—so much lies dormant within us until we need it!

For example, my creativity won me lots of praise throughout childhood and adolescence, but for most of my life, I considered it a hobby or talent rather than a marketable skill. And entrepreneurship? That was not something I would have seen for myself when I was a kid.

But in challenging myself to pursue Fierce Forward as both a creator and entrepreneur, I tapped into wells of strength I never knew I possessed and invested in it. And the empowerment I’ve derived from this journey has propelled me forward in so many other areas of life. Unlike getting a pat on the back from others, self-empowerment requires us to recognize our own strengths, and to nurture those strengths with our time and energy.

2. Connect With Positive People in your Community

Four women standing in desert smiling to show self-empowerment through community
When we’re young, we naturally find connection within the social landscape of childhood and adolescence. The schools, sports teams, faith communities, and neighborhoods we grow up in bless us with our first taste of what it means to be part of a community. But as we get older, it can be harder to forge meaningful relationships. The stakes get higher, we have less time to invest in our social lives, and—let’s face it—we spend a lot more time online. 

Often, we may find ourselves on autopilot when it comes to community. We spend time with people just to have someone to spend time with, rather than taking the time to find people who can teach us, challenge us, and widen our perspective. But those we surround ourselves with can have an immense impact on the kind of people we become. And being intentional about who you choose to spend time with can make all the difference when it comes to self-empowerment.

I make it a point to be selective about those I invite into my world—life is too precious to invest energy into relationships that don’t empower you! Even if you have to go it alone for a while, it's worth it to know your worth and know exactly the type of people you're holding out for.

3. Practice Self-Care

woman with flower in mouth and a quote that reads, "I possess everything I need to thrive," demonstrating self-empowerment through self-care.

In the early days of Fierce Forward, I would spend my days and nights pouring everything into my fledgling business. And as proud as I am to have built this beautiful thing, there were times that pouring my blood, sweat, and tears into my work left me totally drained. No matter how successful my business was becoming, I couldn’t fully appreciate the fruits of my labor because I was burnt out. If you’d asked me in those days whether I felt empowered, the answer would have been a resounding no.

When we imagine self-empowerment, we may think of material success—living in a beautiful home, traveling the world, or popping a bottle of champagne after a big milestone. And while those are worthy aspirations, it can be hard to truly feel empowered unless you take a few moments each day to appreciate the present.

Whether it means taking time for a mid-morning yoga class or a dreamy wellness retreat, be sure to celebrate who you are today by practicing self-care. As you invest your energy into building an inspiring life, remember that life isn’t that distant point in the future you’re imagining—it’s what you’re living in right now. With self-care, you can feel empowered even in the small moments. 

Ready to Feel Empowered?

With self-actualization, strong community, and the presence that comes with self-care, you can find true self-empowerment. Remember: it’s not just about achieving your goals, it’s about what you achieve in pursuit of your goals. If you’re ready to get started on your self-empowerment journey, you can start by joining the inspiring community we’re building on Instagram @Fierce.Forward! 

Fierce Forward offers a beautiful array of handmade jewelry and home decor inspired by the beauty and calming power of healing stones and crystals. Browse our shop today!

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