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Woman in the morning light drinking cucumber water

How to Build a Peaceful Morning Routine as a Successful Woman

Mornings are sacred to me. In a past life, I dreaded the sound of my alarm and would only get out of bed for the promise of caffeine. But when I started Fierce Forward, I knew the success of my business hinged on accomplishing as much as I could each day. And I knew that started with an overhaul of my morning routine. Here, I’m sharing that morning routine with you. Even if you only adopt a few of these habits, I know you’ll feel more centered, healthy, and productive!

Because as someone moving forward and creating your fiercest life and best self, you can do it in a way that works for you!

1. Hydrate

A refreshing glass of water first thing in the morning can awaken your system and jump-start your metabolism. I love keeping water infused with fresh fruit or herbs in the fridge! My favorite is putting sliced oranges in a big jug of filtered ice water. It's refreshing, upbeat and has such a unique flavor.

2. Soak Up the Sunlight

Get outside and get some of that sweet, sweet sunshine as soon as you can each day! Daylight helps regulate your circadian rhythm, boosts your mood, and helps you feel way more alert and focused. I love going for a walk as soon as the sun is up; I do some of my best thinking at that time and it helps set my mood and be ready for an amazing day!

3. Avoid Screens

Be honest—do you look at your phone as soon as you wake up? Try to resist the temptation to immediately check your phone or dive into screen time when you wake up. In fact, try killing two birds with one stone and leaving your phone outside of your bedroom so it stays out of your face when you’re in bed, morning and night. I can’t tell you how transformative this has been for me—I sleep so much better and wake up feeling way less stressed. 

I put my energy to myself by journaling Morning Pages and connecting to my intentions and goals for the day. This immediately shifts your direction for the day to what moves you forward!

4. Move Your Body

Sometimes working out is the last thing I want to do in the morning but over time I've seen how much of a valuable tool it is to get up and get moving. Whether it's a quick workout or a brisk walk, moving your body in the morning can set the tone for the rest of the day and help you feel more focused when it’s time to sit down and work. My morning walk is a necessity at this point, I literally look forward to it when I wake up.

5. Nourish Yourself

I love donuts as much as the next girl, but eating junk—especially in the morning—can totally throw off my energy levels for the rest of the day. Instead, I try to stick with nutritionally dense, wholesome foods. Also, it may be worth delaying caffeine intake for a few hours—drinking it too soon after waking can clash with your body’s cortisol fluctuation and make you feel jittery. 

I love to wake up, drink a tall glass of water, sit down with my journal and thoughts and have a Protein Blueberry Muffin! Starting your day with a healthy choice is how you create the momentum for the rest of your day in how you eat.

6. Keep A Mindfulness Practice

I created a meditation space on my back patio for my daily mindfulness practice. I’ll often sit out there and meditate or journal when it's cooler weather. I set an intention for my day and focus on my breathing. Carving this time into my schedule has become such an important part of my day—not to mention my creative process. Even if it’s only five minutes, I highly recommend incorporating a mindfulness practice into your morning routine. You won’t regret it! 

7. Get Ready for The Day

In a post-Covid world, it can be tempting to use “working from home” as an excuse for working in loungewear. But even if you’re only showing up for yourself, a cute outfit, a pair of earrings, and a cool eyeliner can help you feel way more put together, confident, and on the ball. Because when you're becoming your future self, the most important part is that you be her now.

girl doing tarto

8. Set Intentions

Something I love doing when I feel called to listen to my guides is pulling a tarot card! I ask, "What do I need to know right now?"

It helps me deepen my trust in the Universe, my path and my guides. This isn't for everyone but when I started incorporating this gem into those mornings when I felt like I needed some extra encouragement that I was on the right path, it really helped. Now I use this as a tool whenever I need it!

Feel Your Best With Fierce Forward

Here at Fierce Forward, we’re always looking for new ways to thrive. I hope this morning routine helps you feel ready for success! If you’re ready to start making real change in your life, we’re here to support you every step of the way. Download my 5-Step Guide to Becoming Your Truest Self now!

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