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3 Reasons To Love Opal Hoop Earrings

3 Reasons To Love Opal Hoop Earrings

As a jewelry artist, I’m always experimenting with different designs. I’ll often come to the studio with the intention of working through my to-do list and end up at my workbench in full sandbox mode, just playing around with different designs to see what happens. However, I’ve never felt the need to experiment too much when it comes to opals. Opals are so exquisite on their own; I always come back to a simple pair of opal hoop earrings. Today, we’re showcasing our small-but-mighty collection of opal hoop earrings. Read on to learn more about opals and why they're the perfect stone for your next pair or earrings!

1. Opal Amplifies the Energy of All Chakras

Opals hold the extraordinary power to magnify the energy of your chakras. By elevating these energies, opals can help you tap into your full potential and radiate your unique power into the world. A pair of opal hoop earrings is the perfect way to intensify your natural state of being.

Woman wearing opal hoop earrings. They're gunmetal gray with small opals dangling in the center.

I love wearing these Spirit and Soul earrings when I need a boost of confidence—not only does the power of the opals help me stay aligned, I feel super badass wearing these hoops! The gunmetal gray is edgy and striking, which is a perfect counterbalance to the gorgeous and feminine opals. 

Opal stones in gunmetal gray hoops

2. Opals Bring Harmony And Balance

Just as the colors within an opal blend and flow harmoniously, these gemstones can help you bring the various aspects of our being into harmony. Your mind, body and soul; your masculine and feminine sides; your id, ego, and superego. I always recommend opal jewelry to customers looking for something to balance them. 

Opal Moon Gold Hoop Earrings

Not only are these opal moon hoop earrings super adorable, they’re a good reminder of your innate wholeness, even when some parts of you shine bright and others retreat into the background a little. 

Woman wearing opal moon gold hoop earrings

3. Opals Mesmerize the Eye

Opals are the root word of opalescence, which describes the unique way an opal reflects light. These beautiful stones offer a mesmerizing allure that captivates the eye, making them the perfect stone for earrings. Their play-of-color is just so gorgeous and feminine.

Opal gold hoop earrings. hammered gold hoops with small opals dangling in middle

I created these gold opal hoop earrings to showcase these gorgeous opals I picked up at the rock yard. They’re timeless, simple, and so, so beautiful. I always get so many compliments when I wear these!

Woman wearing opal gold hoop earrings. Hammered gold hoops with small opal dangling in the middle.

Opal Hoop Earrings For Any Occasion

Opal hoop earrings are not only stunning, they’re also super versatile—whether you want to elevate your everyday look, or need a touch of understated feminine elegance for a date night, Fierce Forward’s opal hoops are the perfect choice. Shop our collection of opal hoop earrings today, or check out the rest of the collection to snag a few more gorgeous accessories. 

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