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Raise Your Vibration With Selenite

Raise Your Vibration With Selenite

Whether you're a beginner to crystals or you're a collector of crystals and crystal jewelry for years now, deepening your knowledge on gemstones is always so much fun. 

The thing about these beautiful stones from the earth is that they hold energetic properties that can help you on your journey. 

Selenite is a beautiful white crystal that you've most likely seen in the form of a wand. This angelic stone is a Crown Chakra gemstone that amplifies everything around it. 

Did you know that we all have an "aura" around us? This aura extends 12" out from you in every direction. You've probably seen those aura photographs where everyone has different colors around them. This is your aura! 

selenite necklace lariat girl wearing

What Selenite does is literally amplify and expand your energy in a positive way! 

Whether you have a wand, a Selenite hanger in your favorite room of the house or you wear your Selenite in your daily jewels, this crystal is a powerful manifesting stone that can help you reach for the vibration of the future you that you envision for yourself.

selenite and aquamarine bracelet

Selenite Benefits & How To Use It

  1. The highest vibrational gemstone there is - wear Selenite jewelry on days you want to expand and amplify your energy to it's best!
  2. A master cleanser & dispeller of negative energy - put your other crystals near your Selenite at night to clear the energy from the day
  3. Helps with empowering self talk - wear your Selenite Self Talk Earrings to create confident, empowering self talk!
  4. Dispels negative energy - place a Selenite Hanger in a room that has a lot of people going in and out of it. This will clear the energy to create harmony
  5. Blocks bad vibes - place a Selenite Hanger in the corner of a room that you want to protect your peace in. Ie: your Zen Den or your office where you create and share your gifts with the world
  6. Aligns the Chakras - lay on your stomach and place a piece of selenite on your back to align your Chakras at the start of your day or after a day when you want to come back into balance 

girl wearing selenite earrings

It's safe to say we've found you the perfect crystal to use if you're working on raising your vibration, manifesting your future vision or working on protecting your peace!

Shop all Selenite jewelry and home decor and start raising your vibration with this powerful gemstone today!

Be bold, have fun and keep moving forward.

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